Hello World!!

Greetings friends!!

Finally, I am starting my blog on bringing ancient healing knowledge to a contemporary world. I would like to write something really fabulous and inspiring on my first time out but, alas, I need to finish up my daughter’s preparation for her college departure.

Each entry, I will bring some information to you from days gone by on how ancient societies used plants for healing, how you can incorporate this into daily living and will post current information on the dangers of products we use in everyday life.

Remember to eat your veggies, don’t wear deodorant and call your mother.

Smell you later –



14 thoughts on “Hello World!!

    • Pam,
      I haven’t worn deodorant in over 25 years. Because, really, it is only on some occasion that I perspire enough to feel like I might be interfering with someone else’s smell space. And truthfully, I think the smell of hot deodorant is much more offensive than smelling a clean persons natural odor. In fact, I find it a turn on. So, when I know I might be working up a sweat, in close quarters with my arm pits exposed I put ONE drop on Flower Road Rose essential oil in each arm pit area. And, voile, I start producing a beautiful aroma. I can’t tell you the number of times I have been in ballet class and someone has asked me what perfume I have on. Rose is the most expensive of all the essential oils but the aroma is other worldly especially when mixed with your natural essence.
      Thanks for following!

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